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University Park

Sierra Patterson - President

Sierra is senior from York County, Pennsylvania who is minoring in Human Development & Family Studies and Child Maltreatment & Advocacy Studies. She quickly got involved with SNAPS her freshman year and has been an active member ever since! She truly loves SNAPS because of the well-rounded experience it gave her by helping her develop personally, professionally, get involved with THON, give back to the community, and so much more. Sierra’s interest in nursing began when her cousin was admitted into the NICU. Since then, Sierra’s interest in pediatric nursing has been reaffirmed through clinicals and her experience volunteering with PA Vent Camp. Through her position this year, Sierra truly hopes to help other nursing students grow and develop!

Tara Jacobs - Vice President

Tara is a senior from Bucks County Pennsylvania. She has been involved in SNAPS since freshman year and has met her best friends through the program! She enjoys the opportunities SNAPS brings to her professional and personal life. Her passion for nursing came at a young age when she realized nursing is the perfect mix of medicine and love of people. Tara enjoys to watch PSU football, participating in THON, and traveling!  Tara hopes to land a job after graduation in the Pediatric ICU and continue growing in her nursing career!


Emily Burton - Secretary

Emily is a senior from Doylestown, PA. She has been involved with SNAPS ever since her freshman year at Penn State. Being a part of SNAPS has helped her to learn and grow as a student at Penn State, and she is excited to be able to give back and help other nursing students achieve those things as well. She hopes to work in a hospital in a city after graduation and then eventually go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.



Rachel Runatz - Treasurer

Rachel is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who has been an active member in SNAPS since her freshman year! Her favorite part about SNAPS so far has been the friendships and connections she has made with peers and staff through involvement in the organization. Rachel is interested in neonatal nursing or becoming a nurse anesthetist. She is passionate about helping and caring for others and is excited to see what this year brings serving as treasurer!



Carly Delfranco - Fundraising Chair

Carly is a senior nursing student from Bethlehem Pennsylvania. She has enjoyed being involved with SNAP, being a captain for THON and a club swim team member throughout her time at Penn State. Her brother Robert’s cancer diagnosis inspired her career in nursing an her involvement with THON.




Julia Bayles - Public Relations Chair

Julia Bayles is the Public Relations chair for SNAPS and one of the ambassadors for the College of Nursing. She is a junior from Upper Dublin, PA. When she graduates from Penn State, she hopes to be a labor and delivery nurse either in Philadelphia or somewhere on the West Coast. She decided to become a nurse because ever since she was little, she was always taking care of her younger brother, and little cousins. She decided to become involved in SNAPS because she knew how important it was to meet other people that were in the same major and to become more involved in THON!  “I truly made the best decision!”


Kasey Fiochetta - Social Chair

Kasey Fiochetta is the UP Social Chair for SNAPS. She is a sophomore from State College, PA. She comes from a large Italian family that taught her the importance of human relationships, and is the main reason she joined SNAPS and became Social Chair.  Her grandma has been her biggest role model since she was very young and plays a huge a role in why she decided to pursue a career in nursing. When she graduates she hopes to become a traveling PICU nurse.



Alex Marcel - CON Ambassador

Alexandra (Alex) is a junior from Long Island, New York! She has been involved with SNAPS since her freshman year and thinks it is a great way to be involved at Penn State while getting to know other nursing majors. Alex is very interested in Emergency Department and Travel nursing. She also aspires to go to graduate school back home and eventually become a nurse practitioner. Ever since past volunteering experiences and a visit to the hospital when she was little after slicing her hand open carving a pumpkin, Alex knew she wanted to be involved in the medical field, and supporting the well-being of others. Along with a nursing major, she is also minoring in Global Health as she hopes to make a positive difference in the healthcare of developing countries. ALex is so excited to be a part of the SNAPS board this year as she looks forward to the friendships and growing experiences she will share with future nurses.

Molly Smith - CON Ambassador

Molly is a junior from a small town about an hour from State College. She has bled blue and white since she was a little girl, and feels so blessed to be a part of the Penn State College of Nursing family! Molly is excited to be a bridge between SNAPS and the College of Nursing this year, and looks forward to making connections with other students. Post-graduation, she hopes to become a labor and delivery nurse and return to school to be a midwife.



Elise Krikorian - Homecoming Executive Chair

Elise is a sophomore here at the Penn State nursing program. From West Chester, PA she has loved being in SNAPS the past year and the connections it creates. Elise is also eager to get more students involved as she knows SNAPS provides so many benefits to new students. She also strives to encourage students to become involved more in the state and national levels as these are great ways for students to make connections and develop important leadership skills.



Julia Twerdok - Homecoming Assistant Chair

Julia is a Sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA and is delighted to serve as one of the Homecoming chairs this year! She enjoys being involved in SNAPS because it gives all nursing students an opportunity to explore the field and interact with other nursing students. Julia’s interest in nursing began when she heard medical stories from her grandmother- who is an RN, her grandfather- who is an Endocrinologist, and her sister- who is a Veterinarian. When her other grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she also decided to make a career out of caring for others.



Makayla Fetzer - Homecoming Assistant Chair

Makayla is a sophomore who was born and raised right here in Happy Valley. In high school, she shadowed nurses at a local hospital and from then on, Makayla knew she wanted to pursue nursing! Makayla also wants to minor in Spanish and hopes to study abroad during summer break before she graduates. She was an active member in SNAPS her freshman year and is excited to be on the Homecoming Committee for SNAPS this year! SNAPS was a great way for her to make friends in the CON and to get involved in events like THON and Homecoming!



Lauren Goldin - THON Executive Chair

Lauren is a Sophomore from Orange County, California! She became highly involved in SNAPS at the start of her Freshman year and is excited to be even more involved this year in both SNAPS and THON. Lauren spends her summers working as a camp counselor. She is minoring in Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies and hopes to become a pediatric nurse in the future. However, for now she is focusing her efforts on bettering the lives of children facing pediatric cancer.



Jenny Caggiano - THON Family Relations Chair

Jenny is a junior from Springfield, Pennsylvania and is SNAPS’s THON Family’s Relations chair. She is extremely excited for this year because she has participated in mini-THONs all throughout middle school and high school so continuing to participate in this way is going to be such a great experience. She does not know what path she wants to take with nursing yet, but she is keeping her mind open as she learns more and has new experiences.



Elaine Jaffey - THON Fundraising Chair

Elaine is a junior from Delaware. She has always loved the idea of helping people, especially the kids! That’s why she chose nursing along with a minor in child maltreatment and advocacy studies! She wanted to be the THON fundraising chair because she loves the idea of making a greater impact of helping the kids and being a part of SNAPS and the great community it has to offer!




Olivia Orth - THON Finance Chair

Olivia is a sophomore from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She has been interested in going into the medical field since she was a child and hopes to someday work in either labor and delivery or the emergency department of a major hospital. She joined SNAP because she wanted to make a connection with other nursing students and is excited to be your THON Finance Chair!




Maggie Hansell - Community Service Executive Chair

Maggie is a junior from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and has been involved in SNAPS ever since her freshman year! Her favorite part of SNAPS is the mentor/mentee program because she remembers how helpful it was as an underclassman to get advice and guidance from someone who had already been through it all. After graduation, she plans to work in Philadelphia as a NICU nurse. She hopes to eventually attend graduate school to become a Nurse Anesthestist. Maggie is very excited to be an officer at University Park this year and looks forward to getting to know everyone!


Sarah Heiland - Community Service Assistant Chair

Sarah is a senior from Frederick, Maryland! She has known she’s wanted to be a nurse since she shadowed on a Labor & Delivery unit when she was in high school and saw the impact nurses can have on people’s lives. She is also a minoring in Human Development and Family Studies and loves working with kids. Sarah is in the Navy Nurse Candidate Program and will commission after graduation and be stationed at a Navy hospital on either the East or West Coast! She loves being involved in SNAP because of the friendships she’s made and is a fun way to be involved in a professional organization.

Daniel Little - Community Service Assistant Chair

Daniel is a sophomore and one of the two assistant community service chairs for SNAPS! He is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (before you ask, no, he is not Amish!) and has lived there his whole life. Besides SNAPS and Nursing, Daniel is in Army ROTC and PSU Club Cycling. He was inspired to become a nurse by his parents. Daniel’s dad is a doctor and his mom is a nurse. Daniel’s goal is to graduate PSU and commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Nurse Corps. He joined SNAPS because it is like a big family support system inside of the College of Nursing. As Penn State nursing students, we are all looking out for each other and want the best for one another. WE ARE!


Fatima Carranza - Legislative Committee Chair

Fatima is from Long Island, New York! She has been involved in SNAPS ever since her freshman year at Penn State and has loved every second of it. She wants to help other students discover how SNAPS can help you develop professionally and as a student. Fatima hopes to start as an Emergency Department nurse in Lancaster post-graduation! She is more than willing to help others in any way so feel free to reach out to her with any questions!




Loren Benati


Loren Benati is a senior from Atlanta, Georgia. She was drawn to the medical field after her first hand experience as a patient; she feels this is her way to give back. Loren has been involved in SNAPS since her freshman year. She has held many officer positions, attended both state and national conventions, developed her leadership and interprofessional skills, and made life long friends through SNAPS. It has truly been a highlight of her college career. After graduation, Loren hopes to work in a trauma one emergency center.


Diana Torres

Vice President

Diana is Senior from a small town in New Jersey. She has been an active member in SNAP since her freshman year, and last year she has the honor of serving as THON Overall. Now, she’s excited to serve as the Hershey Vice President! Nursing school isn’t easy, but SNAPS has provided Dee with a group of special people that she can lean on when the going gets tough. Along with majoring in Nursing, she is minoring in Human Development and Family Studies and Child Maltreatment and Advocacy Studies. She hopes to gain ICU experience after graduation and eventually attend graduate school to become a Nurse Anesthetist. For now, she is focusing on making her last year as a Penn State nursing student the greatest one yet.

Connor Forjan


Connor Forjan is a 3rd year nursing student from Fredericksburg, Virginia. After college, she is interested in becoming a NICU nurse, travel nursing, and eventually earning her Neonatal Doctorate of Nursing Practice! She loves SNAPS because it is the perfect pre-professional organization for her. She thinks SNAPS is amazing because the College of Nursing does so much for Penn State including participating in homecoming, planning formal events, offering community service and attending state and national nursing conventions. She is excited to be more involved as secretary in Hershey and maybe eventually become vice president or president during her senior year. She hopes that incoming and current nursing students see the benefit of joining this incredible organization. Connor feels it is inspirational to be surrounded with so many other nursing students who share the same ideas, values, and goals.

Hayley Eshleman

Fundraising Chair

Hayley is a senior from West Chester, Pennsylvania! Upon graduation, Hayley plans to work either in an Emergency Department or an Ortho floor somewhere in PA! Hayley has been involved with SNAP since freshman year and loves being able to help the community with fellow future nurses! Hayley’s favorite part of SNAP is the mentor/mentee program and her ability to guide underclassman through the nursing program offering help and advice! She loves to offer support and credits SNAP and the nursing program for providing life-long friendships and resources to become a better person and a better nurse!


Katie Grosholz

Community Service Chair

Katie is a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Last year, Katie contributed to SNAPS by having a THON committee chair role. After dedicating a year to THON, she was able to dance in Penn States 2018 dance maraTHON. Katie admires SNAPS role in THON and hopes to continue her love of helping others this year as the community service chair. After graduation, Katie hopes to move back to Pittsburgh and work in ICU or ED.




Lia Cubilete

THON Committee Chair

Lia Cubilete is from Reading, Pennsylvania. She plans to work in a major city after graduating in May 2019, hopefully in the Emergency Department. Lia plans on returning to school to become a nurse practitioner after a few years of being an Registered Nurse. She loves being a member of SNAPS because of its involvement in THON and other service-related activities.




Molly Williams

Social Chair

Molly is from from Bloomsburg, PA, and will be a junior at Hershey this year! Along with studying nursing, she is also minoring in Human Development and Family Studies, and then hopes to continue her education to become a pediatric nurse practitioner! Molly’s goal for SNAP is to create more opportunities to make connections and new friendships, as it has for her the past two years! Molly has greatly appreciated all of the older SNAP members who have helped her, and her hope is that she can now be a help to underclassman that have any problems, questions or concerns! Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime!


Kristen Ziegler

CON Ambassador

Kristen is a Junior from Bethel, Pennsylvania. Kristen wanted to become a nurse because it is a rewarding career that presents new challenges each day. She hopes to become a travel nurse one day and work in some type of critical care.  Getting involved in SNAPS has introduced her to lifelong friends and gave her the opportunity to participate in many activities at Penn State.



Faculty Advisors

Mary Ellen Yonushonis MS, RN, CNE

Assistant Teaching Professor/SNAPS Advisor

Mary Ellen Yonushonis M.S., R.N., C.N.E. received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pittsburgh and Master of Science with a major in Family Health Nursing and a minor in Older Adult Nursing from the Pennsylvania State University. Mary Ellen is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the Pennsylvania State University College of Nursing and teaches Older Adult Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing, and Dying and Death, and has served as the Advisor to the Student Nurse Association of Pennsylvania at Penn State for 22 years. Mary Ellen won the SNAPS Advisor of the Year Award for the state of Pennsylvania at the state convention in Harrisburg in November of 2015.

Paul Logan M.S.N, CRNP, ACNP-BC

Instructor in Nursing

Paul Logan is a cardiovascular nurse practitioner who has taught pharmacology at Penn State since 2015. He has a long history with the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania, having served as Vice President and President as a student and advisor to the board of directors following his graduation from college. He was later made an honorary member, in recognition of his service to the organization.

Paul serves as an advisor to the Student Nurses Association of Penn State at Penn State Hershey. He lives in Mechanicsburg with his wife—also a nurse practitioner and former SNAPS member—and their four children.